Sevier County Teachers of the Year deserve credit for exemplary work

Feb. 24, 2014 @ 12:52 AM

Most teachers choose to enter their profession because they want to make a difference.

Helping students, perhaps in a way they’d been helped by a teacher during their own formative years, is often cited by successful educators as the top reason for their chosen career path.

Sevier County’s annual Teachers of the Year awards seek to honor those instructors who best exemplify the position’s noblest traits, including their desire to see their students succeed and having the internal drive to go the extra mile to provide support for that endeavor.

Secondary Teacher of the Year (grades 9-12) Cindy Rule, Middle Grades Teacher of the Year Heather Burkhart (grades 5-8) and Primary Grades Teacher of the Year Sarah Cheek (grades K-4) have all accomplished those feats and more. The trio deserve credit for their dedication not just to their careers, but to the young people whose lives they sculpt.

We salute not only them, but all of Sevier County’s good teachers, who are working daily to improve the lives of our children even as their profession itself presents ever-growing difficulties and requirements on a daily basis.

The 21st Century student, at its core, is the same as previous generations of students before it. But the outside world of influences, many of which are bombarding the youth at every turn, are constantly growing. 

Competing for a student’s attention with all those influences bearing down — all the while juggling the ever-changing list of Tennessee  rules, regulations and standards — is a Herculean responsibility.

And each of those honored is shouldering that responsibility well. Thank you for your service to our community’s children.