Editorial: Three cheers

Feb. 14, 2014 @ 11:30 PM

School officials make timely judgments

School systems’ decisions on when to close school for weather events are often roundly criticized.

Normally school officials either make the decision too early, too late or don’t close schools when it’s obviously needed. This week Sevier County Schools handled it masterfully.

Though some might argue Wednesday’s closing was premature, seeing as no real accumulation occurred until later in the afternoon, we think school officials dealt with the situation perfectly, all things considered.

Officials made the call Tuesday evening — when forecasters were saying the imminent snow would be falling by Wednesday morning — giving parents plenty of time to make arrangements for childcare.

That continued Wednesday and Thursday, as parents knew each day that school would be closed the following day in time to make plans. Director of Schools Jack Parton and his staff were prompt in making the call, and in each case it was the right one.

Library programs offer help

The Sevier County Public Library System frequently offers helpful classes, seminars and workshops for Sevier County citizens.

One such workshop, the Kodak Branch’s job seekers’ workshop, is specifically tailored to help those seeking to enter the job market.

Branch Manger John Alexander takes time with job seekers, often one-on-one, to better their resume, polish their interview skills and research what they may need to do if a career-change is necessary.

“People enjoy having undivided attention when trying to ask questions and get answers,” Branch Manager John Alexander said.

The workshop also addresses specific skills.

“A lot of people who are over 40 don’t have computer skills to fill out job applications or unemployment benefits online,” Alexander said. “We also have a computer class once a week, where we show people basic computer skills, and provide them with some of the more prominent websites where jobs are displayed for this region.”

The workshop is conducted every Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. It’s a nice effort from the Kodak Branch, and good resource for job-hunters having difficulty in our area.

Sweet sounds for a good cause

As the Sevier County Choral Society serenaded the staff of The Mountain Press Friday as a part of its annual Valentine’s Day pilgrimage, one couldn’t help but notice the variety of people performing with the musical ensemble.

Folks from all walks of life, with ages ranged from teens to senior citizens make up the chorus, which provides a great outlet for musically inclinded county residents.

And the group isn’t just about singing, it’s also about opportunity. High-school aged members of the society earn $500 scholarships for college each year, simply by participating.

It’s a great program for talented young singers to broaden their horizons and earn a little money for their higher education along the way.

For more information on the society or future scholarship opportunities, contact David Wright, the group’s director, at 429-0252.