Letter: Design of Gatlinburg facility offense to human intelligence

Mar. 26, 2013 @ 11:47 PM


Hopefully, this letter will alert the Gatlinburg community to a preventable public health threat. The design of the Aquarium/Trolley/Depot/Parking Garage is so flawed that it is an offense to human intelligence and presents an imminent threat to public safety.

The passageway between the parking garage and the aquarium doubles as the trolley loading area. Visitors walking between the garage and aquarium must wade through a sea of trolley riders, causing both frayed nerves and the unnecessary transmission of viruses and bacteria. Additionally, the roof does not prevent the loading area from becoming completely wet, causing pain and discomfort for pedestrians who slip and fall as well as trolley riders who want to stay dry while waiting.

The solution to the problem should be readily apparent to any eighth-grader with half a brain. How any architect, even an incompetent one, could design such a travesty is a complete mystery.

This writer is praying that sanity will prevail and the appropriate authorities will act to stop preventable broken bones, the transmission of vicious diseases like MRSA, and miscarried babies.

Russ Breeding