Hiring of Scott Meadows gives big boost to Pigeon Forge High fortunes

Dec. 26, 2012 @ 11:58 PM

Pigeon Forge High School officials have hired a proven winner as their new football coach, and that must have made Christmas a brighter time for the fans and students associated with that school. The Tigers have had one winning season in their history, so success on the football field has been elusive.

Perhaps as surprising as the hiring of Scott Meadows is the fact the school went outside the Sevier County school system family to get him. The system has long been known for promoting from within, whether it’s a coach or administrator, so to see the school reach out and grab Meadows was a nice surprise. It practically guarantees that he comes to the job with no preset ideas about who should play, but rather will make those decisions based on his own assessments, not those of others who claim influence with the program. Meadows won a state title at Alcoa in 2000 and has coached over the years at Jefferson County, William Blount and Catholic in Knoxville.

Patience among football fans is a commodity in short supply at most colleges, especially the big-time programs where instant and continued success is expected. However, Meadows should be given some time at Pigeon Forge to impose his own system, get quality assistants and get the student body on board with his philosophy and attitude.

The frequent stops on his resume did give pause to those who made the decision to hire him, but Meadows has assured school officials he plans to stick around and wants to relocate his family from Maryville to Sevier County. That’s good. Head coaches, like principals, should live in the community in which they work. It would be understandable if Meadows didn’t make such a move right away, given the unpredictable nature of being a high school coach, but in time he should move here.

In the meantime, a look at his record should make all fans of the school feel good. Meadows is a proven winner, a man dedicated not just to coaching, but to teaching — which really is what coaching is all about, especially at this level. Perhaps most exciting of all, his hiring shows that principal Ben Clabo is serious about improving the football fortunes at the school. A solid team enhances school morale and makes things just more fun on campus and in the city.

Welcome to Pigeon Forge High School, Coach Meadows. We can’t wait to see the results of your selection.