Editorial: Bryan’s song - Mayor Atchley most deserving of state Mayor of the Year award

Jun. 30, 2013 @ 11:11 AM

Mayor of the Year for Tennessee. That’s quite an honor considering the hundreds of municipalities in the state’s 97 counties. Yet it’s hard to imagine a more worthy recipient of the award than Sevierville’s mayor.

The Tennessee Municipal League honored Bryan Atchley with its Mayor of the Year award. Atchley received the award at the league’s annual conference in Memphis.

“Mayor Atchley’s accomplishments have shaped Sevierville for decades to come,” said Ken Wilbur, league president and mayor of Portland. “Through his extraordinary leadership, he has achieved goals through the use of basic and accepted governance practices.”

Atchley, who served Sevierville as an alderman for 10 years and has been mayor for 18 years, said receiving the award was a great honor. “There are over 300 mayors in Tennessee, so any time you get an award like that given by your peers, it means a lot,” Atchley said. “To be recognized as one of the best, it’s a huge honor.”

The award is given for accomplishments throughout a mayor’s career, not just for the past 12 months.

That makes the award even more deserving. Atchley’s record of achievement as mayor is impressive. He has overseen new private developments as well as public improvements, including a new City Hall and police station, a convention center and two public golf courses, Smokies Park, and transportation infrastructure improvements.

Atchley believes he won the award “because I live in a great city. One of the easiest jobs in the world is being mayor of Sevierville because of the people living here,” he said. “Sevierville has a great staff at City Hall, and everywhere else, and we have a great citizens here.”

Sevierville is fortunate to have a mayor of Atchley’s skill and dedication. The award from the state association is nice, but local residents already know what he has done and continues to do for the city he loves.