Elmer Richard Huff

Mar. 06, 2013 @ 11:55 PM

Elmer Richard Huff was born on January 18, 1925 in the Waldens Creek Community of Sevier County, Tennessee, and on March 4, 2013, and at age 88, walked through Heaven’s Gate. When Saint Peter answered the knock at the heavenly gates, he was greeted by a laughing Elmer Richard Huff, as happy to meet his Maker as he had been to live his life fully on Earth. Elmer loved his God, his Country and his family; he worked hard, played hard, loved greatly, lived by the rules, and was quick to forgive.

Elmer was born into a big and bold family of the ETHS First Families of Tennessee. His Christian parents encouraged Elmer and his seven siblings to have upstanding morals while working daily on the family farm cultivating the land, feeding the livestock, maintaining the family mill, operating the blacksmith shop, and managing the rental properties.

Elmer was proudly a part of the Greatest Generation that gave up their lives and livelihood to fight and defeat a menace, as in World War II, that threatened to place the world under the thumb of an evil dictator. When it was time to fight, Elmer was one of the first in line to volunteer. After the war came to an end, Elmer received several medals and was honorably discharged ranked as a Sergeant.

Once settling back into the civilian life, Elmer became a successful welder by profession and a happy handy man at home. While being actively involved in his Seymour community by supporting the local schools and faithfully supporting his church, Elmer worked diligently restoring an old white family farmhouse into a wonderful place to raise his family. All family and friends were welcomed into the home and were always greeted with good home grown southern food and warm hospitality, and were encouraged to participate in fun activities that involved something made and designed by Elmer such as a zip line, a spring fed swimming pool, a play fort for the children, and many more.

Elmer enjoyed gospel music, history, politics, and genealogy studies. He was an extremely pleasant person and received great joy while being outdoors and always believed in planting fruit and nut trees for future generations. Elmer knew the importance of and nourished many friendships. But he hoped his friends and family would not mourn his death — but celebrate his life.

Elmer was the twin son of Albert Newton “Newt” and Hettie Mae Butler Huff, and the grandson of Henry T. and Nancy M. Ogle Huff and J. Horatio and Mary Lawson Butler. Elmer’s siblings were sister, Dorothy Huff McCarter Myers and brothers-in-law, Ralph McCarter and Ray Myers, and brothers and sisters-in-law, Fred and Grace Reagan and Gladys Green Huff, Hugh and Betty Burnett Huff, Claude and Casina Kilby Huff, Ernest–(twin) and Mary Sue Crowson Huff, Herman and Jean Lynn Huff, and Lyman and Grace Loveday Huff.

Elmer’s first wife, Rosa “Blanche” Miller Huff, deceased 7/22/1985, was his true love of thirty-two years, and was a precious and loving Mother to their children Joanne Huff, deceased 8/16/1954, Michael Elmer Huff, and Teresa Anne Huff Rickels. Second wife, Carol J. Lyon Huff, deceased 1/21/2011, was Elmer’s loving and faithful companion during his senior years, and served as a caring grandparent to Elmer and Blanche’s grandchildren, David Rickels, William Rickels, Kevin Huff, and Kaitlin Huff. Elmer was a supportive father-like-figure to his children’s spouses, Mike’s wife, Melinda McDaniel Huff, and Teresa’s husband, Richard Rickels.

Elmer was a good uncle to his siblings’ children, George, John, Marty, Kathryn, Jimmy, Janna, HuElla, Judy, Brenda, Claude, Angie, Sammy, Connie, Freddie, and Janice. By first wife, Blanche, Elmer was a fun uncle to Denny, Cindi, Patti, Lindsay and Mark, and by second wife, Carol, an uncle to Lynn, Cindy, Keith, Margie and Lee. Elmer was a great, great-great, and great-great-great uncle to many more loving nieces and nephews.

By first wife, Blanche, Elmer was a special brother-in-law to Stan Hamilton, Wilma Miller Hamilton Harris, Bill Harris, and Bobby Ray and Jill Miller, and by second wife, Carol, a brother-in-law to Ethel Lynn, and Marshall and Jerry Lyon. Elmer was a caring cousin to a multitude and a true friend to many. The World is a better place because he was here; and today, there is rejoicing in Heaven.

Memorial graveside service will be announced at a later date. Arrangements by Atchley Funeral Home, Seymour, 122 Peacock Court, Seymour, TN 37865 (865) 577-2807.