City may outsource billing

Mar. 11, 2013 @ 11:54 PM

When the city commission meets today, it will consider outsourcing the city's utility billing.

At a recent work session, city finance director Dennis Clabo told commissioners that the new system would let customers pay online and use credit cards.

The change is necessary, Clabo said, because the postal service is going to begin charging substantially more to process the current, postcard-format bills.

City staffers considered keeping the billing in-house, at a cost of 50 cents per bill. The proposed vendor, Arista Information Systems, charges 51 cents each.

The new system "will free us up to do other things," Clabo said, "and we're probably going to get a better product if we outsource, a much faster one."

The commission also will consider:

- A bid for road striping from Volunteer Highway

- Using SkillPath Corporate Strategies for the Department of Tourism's Guess Excellence Program

- Pepsi products for the Department of Parks and Recreation's concession drinks

- Buying scoreboards for Wear Farm City Parks

- Forever Parks Foundation's naming rights program

- Buying 12,000 stackable chairs for LeConte Center

- A change order extending the Trolley Center site preparation to March 31

- Purchasing collection system rehabilitation CCTV equipment

- An engineering services/concept plan for phase two of Jake Thomas Road