Pigeon Forge Rod Run opens at LeConte Center

Apr. 12, 2014 @ 11:54 PM

The Pigeon Forge Rod Run began Friday at the LeConte Center, and attendees made positive remarks about the new venue.

This is the first year the car show has been hosted at LeConte; previously, the event was held at the Grand Hotel and Convention Center. Cars were arranged for display inside LeConte Center and in the parking lot outside.

John Belzer said he would describe the scene inside LeConte Center using one word: superlative.

"It's a very nice event; there's more cars here than you could possibly see in a weekend," he said. "That show floor has about as nice of cars as I've ever seen."

Belzer had his 1969 Buick Riviera GS parked outside the event center, and he said he was hoping to sell it this weekend.

"I came here last fall, and I know there's a lot of cars here that are for sale," he said. "The foot traffic has started to pick up a little bit, and hopefully it will keep picking up."

Dean Huff was inside the event center and said that, because it is the first Rod Run he has been to, he did not have a frame of reference, but that he was enjoying the weekend. 

"It's a really nice show, nice building," Huff said. "I've been to some similar type of events, and it's about what I would expect. I'm enjoying it."

Marshall and Judy Cuvey, who are from Hamilton, Ohio, said that they visit Sevier County at least twice each year, but this is the first Rod Run they have attended.

"We like it," Judy said. "I really like what's going on in the building, there's a lot of great cars in there. It's another excuse to get away from Ohio and come down to Tennessee."

Sevier County local J.R. Lafollette has been a car enthusiast who has worked on cars "off and on for my entire life. He had a car outside the building.

"I about had a divorce getting this thing fixed up," Lafollette joked. "It takes time and patience — and money too."