Sinkhole closes East Mount Road in Sevierville

Stabilized with truckloads of concrete
Jun. 20, 2013 @ 11:01 PM

It took 50 cubic yards of concrete — more than seven truckloads — to fill a sinkhole that opened Wednesday afternoon under East Mount Road near Rocky Top Motors.

Sevierville Police closed the road to through traffic at about 2 p.m., and were hoping to reopen it later in the evening.

The hole opened on the surface alongside the road, but once city personnel investigated, they found that it actually ran under the road once it went deeper, city spokesman Bob Stahlke said. The sinkhole didn’t appear to cause any damage to the road, however.

“The important thing from out standpoint was it certainly affected the stability of the road because it was under the road," Stahlke said. “We wanted to try to repair it as soon as possible. At least for the time being, it appears the concrete filled the hole and stabilized the road.”

Workers were waiting to make sure the hole was filled and that it didn’t reopen before opening the road Wednesday evening.

Once the road is reopened, city personnel will monitor the sinkhole to make sure it doesn’t develop any further, he said.

The sinkhole appeared to have been caused by the heavy rains in the area over the last few weeks.