Coca-Cola fans gather to celebrate their favorite drink

Jun. 10, 2013 @ 11:08 PM

Coca-Cola Collectors gathered at the Holiday Inn this weekend for the 23rd Collectibles Convention, where they held a swap meet, went "room-hopping" to view each other's items, and concluded with a 6 p.m. banquet.

The event began with an opening party Thursday night, which was followed by a silent auction.

"We just come to have fun, sell, and buy merchandise," said event organizer John Waddell, who lives in Georgia.

Waddell said his first interest in collecting coke products began with bottle collecting. "In 1996, they came out with so many different styles of bottles that I gave up on that."

Still, his interest in Coke collectibles continues. "My wife collects Santa Claus Coke figurines now," he said.

His son, John Waddell Jr., has helped his father co-chair the event for 10 years. He said what he loves about the event is interacting with other Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

The event is held each year during the first weekend of June. n