Pigeon Forge may relocate impound lot

Jun. 09, 2013 @ 11:36 PM

The city is considering relocating its impound facility to the landfill area on Rainbow Road near the existing county maintenance facility, a move that could be permanent.

The city wants to relocate the lot because the current lot is near construction for the new wastewater treatment plant.

"We need to move the lot to a secure place," Mayor David Wear said last week at a work session of city commissioners.

The proposed area, owned by Sevier Solid Waste, is roughly 180 feet by 60 feet. Public Works Director Mark Miller estimates that the area can hold approximately 60 cars.

"We're looking at about $10,000 to fence it," Miller told commissioners at the Tuesday meeting, which took place at the City Hall complex. "That would be a commercial fence, 8 feet high, galvanized with razor wire around the top. It's a little back off the road, so you can't really see it from Rainbow Road."

Designs for the proposed impound lot include a street light and camera at the entrance, the chain-link fence with razor wire and 12-foot gates connected to the fence. There is already an existing gravel drive off Rainbow Road, as well as 16-foot gates at the Rainbow Road intersection.

The chain-link fence, which was not included in this year's budget, needs to be bid. Miller said it would take about a week to get a proposal ready.

"I say we go ahead and bid and see what the bid is," Assistant City Manager Eric Brackins said. "If it's good, we'll bring it before you."

Wear asked whether this would be a temporary or permanent move.

"I think it will be permanent," City Manager Earlene Teaster said.

Teaster also said the area offers the possibility to expand the lot, if needed.