Sex offender faces charges

Sep. 17, 2013 @ 11:54 PM

Authorities quickly caught on when a registered sex offender allegedly cut off his court mandated GPS anklet and illegally moved within 1,000 feet of two local schools, but it apparently took a few months to catch him after he went on the run.

Theodore Allen Hunt, 40, was convicted in 1997 for third-degree rape, according to the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. It indicates no other criminal history was reported to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation about Hunt.

The warrants for his arrest indicate that Hunt had moved to 2485 Henderson Springs Road, which is within 1,000 feet of Pigeon Forge High School and Pigeon Forge Middle School, on June 1. Hunt was supposed to inform his probation officer within 48 hours of relocating his residence, and had failed to do so. He was also required to wear a GPS monitoring device on his ankle at all times.

When Probation Officer Anthony Kale found that Hunt had violated the terms of his probation on about June 10, he tracked Hunt to that address but found that the offender had cut off the anklet and fled.

He was arrested Tuesday, according to warrants, and faces charges including violation of probation, intentional removal of GPS device and two counts of violation of the sex offender registration. The warrants don’t detail how he was apprehended; a spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Correction could not provide additional information on his arrest Tuesday.