Assisted living facility proposed for Boyds Creek Highway

Sep. 18, 2013 @ 11:53 PM

An assisted living company is looking to build a new 60-bed facility on Boyds Creek Highway, but is asking the United States Department of Agriculture for a $2.24-million loan.

Freedom Senior Living, LLC is described in documents from the USDA as “A six owner membership group consisting of investors that are knowledgeable in the medical field.”

The documents don’t further identify the members beyond saying that they include a doctor, physician assistant and physical therapist.

The proposed facility would be a one-story, 20,000-square-foot building with 40 patient rooms, a common activity room, exercise and physical therapy room, cafeteria, guest rooms, a movie room and a beauty salon. It would feature 10 beds for memory care patients, according to the documentation.

It would be located at 2951 Boyds Creek Highway, between Loop Road and Valley Farms Lane. The facility is expected to employ 21 people.

The group applied to the USDA’s Rural Business Service for a business and industry guaranteed loan to help pay for construction. The request came to light after the USDA ran an advertisement in The Mountain Press announcing it had completed an a required environmental impact study.

“(Home Federal Bank), they’re the lender on the project, and we guarantee the loan for them, and as part of our process … we have to adhere to a federal law — NEPA, the National Environmental Policy Act — and, as part of that, we conduct an in-house environmental review,” said Charles Morris of the Knoxville office of the USDA.

“We found that there is no significant impact by this project.”

The documents also indicate the USDA found that there’s a real need for the project: “There are 22 assisted livings in the surrounding Knoxville market, but this particular project will be located in the Seymour area and would be the first in the area. It will provide a much needed service to the region”