Northview Academy traffic problems expected

Aug. 15, 2013 @ 11:57 PM

Traffic along Highway 66 near Douglas Dam Road is about to get more interesting in the mornings and afternoons, as motorists figure out how to get in and out of the new Northview Academy on Swaggerty Road.

The only entrance and exit from the school will be on Swaggerty Road, which comes out on Highway 66/Winfield Dunn Parkway not far from Douglas Dam Road.

Motorists dropping students off and picking them up will be turning from Swaggerty Road onto Highway 66 in either direction. That could cause some traffic jams, especially as they turn left from Swaggerty Road onto southbound Highway 66.

Sevierville police officers will be there as school starts and ends to help manage the traffic flow.

“The police department will have officers present during heavy traffic periods in the mornings and afternoons, to assist motorist ingress and egress at the Highway 66 intersection,” said Bob Stahlke, public information officer of the city.

Northview Academy will eventually host students in grades 7 to 12, but when it opens Friday it will have students only in grades 7 to 9. Officials have said they expect to have 180 to 200 students per grade; traffic will include parents and buses, along with faculty and staff.

Eventually, the intersection will have a traffic light. It’s already been approved by the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and officials are now working on the design for the light and for traffic flow.

In the meantime, during the hours just before and after school starts at the academy, drivers need to be aware that the traffic flow will be different and commuters might need to add a little time for traveling through the area, official said.