Mother faces child abuse charges

Oct. 30, 2013 @ 11:15 PM

The mother of an infant who was scalded when the child’s father squeezed hot water onto the baby’s face is also facing charges of aggravated child abuse.

Shannon Marie Hyde, 20, of 366 East Parkway in Gatlinburg, is facing charges for failing to seek aid for her four-week-old daughter, according to her arrest warrant.

Hyde’s boyfriend, 21-year-0ld Daniel Shea, told police he used a bib to squeeze hot water onto the child’s face when she wouldn’t stop crying Saturday night. The warrant against Hyde indicates doctors confirmed the child suffered first and second degree burns on her face and neck.

The incident came to light when a babysitter came to take care of the child the next day and noticed blisters on her face and neck. “The defendant released her infant to the ‘babysitter’ so she could get some sleep,” Hyde’s arrest arrant states. “The infant was taken to the Leconte Medical Center Emergency Room by the ‘babysitter.’”

The warrant against Hyde indicates she was aware the child was hurt, and was sick and running a fever, but didn’t seek medical attention for the child.

According to his arrest warrant, Shea admitted to police that he had squeezed the water from a bib he was holding over her face, apparently while trying to soothe her when she wouldn’t stop crying Saturday evening. He was arrested Sunday; police charged Hyde Monday.

The Department of Children’s Services will decide where the child will be placed. Hyde and Shea were being held at the Sevier County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.