Kodak man arrested for unlawful pictures

Woman reports cellphone incident in restroom
Apr. 09, 2013 @ 11:34 PM

Police arrested a Kodak man at a Sevierville lodge Sunday evening for crimes involving his cell phone.

Jonathan Ryan Lewis, 28, was charged with aggravated exploitation of a minor, unlawful photographing and tampering with evidence.

Sevierville Police Department spokesman Bob Stahlke said police responded to a call from the Wilderness River Lodge of Wilderness at the Smokies around 5:15 p.m. Sunday. A woman at the lodge told security that a man had entered the women’s restroom and had possibly used his cellphone to take pictures.

“A woman who was in the restroom reported that she had seen a cellphone pointed towards her from the stall next to hers,” Stahlke said.

Officers made contact with Lewis, who admitted that he’d entered the women’s restroom, but maintained that he’d done so by mistake.

“But surveillance showed him going into the women’s restroom for several minutes, and then going into the men’s restroom for several minutes,” Stahlke said.

As the investigation continued, Stahlke said Detective Dweese Milliron alleged that Lewis had pictures of minors on his cellphone.

Stahlke said those pictures were “of a sexual nature,” but he did not have information on where the pictures were taken.

“That’s really a separate charge that we made based on the subsequent investigation of Lewis,” Stahlke said. “The woman who originally reported (he’d taken pictures of her in the restroom) was an adult.”

Milliron also alleged that Lewis erased one or more pictures from his cellphone, Stahlke said.

Unlawful photographing is a misdemeanor charge; aggravated exploitation of a minor and tampering with evidence are both felony charges.

Lewis is being held with a $75,000 bond.