City delays condemnation of land

Dec. 06, 2012 @ 12:41 AM

City officials have a few more weeks to try to figure out where in the world is Carino McMahan.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen deferred action Monday on a request to start condemnation proceedings on Allensville Road property in McMahan's name. Water and Sewer Director Steve Flynn said the city needs easements for sewer improvements.

Flynn and other officials have been unable to contact McMahan, despite exhaustive efforts to track him down. He still has family in the area, including one who is paying his property taxes, but Flynn said they've told officials they haven't talked to McMahan in years. Officials have sent certified letters to his last known addresses, but so far they've been returned.

Alderman Travis McCroseky asked Flynn to try for a few more weeks, at least until the next meeting, because he was reluctant to start a condemnation process without at least talking to the owner of the property. He also asked to see a more detailed map of the area in question. "I don't want to hold your project up, but I'd like to have more information," he said.

Flynn said the delay shouldn't cause any problems for the project.

Also Monday, the board approved paying Blalock and Sons $115,302 to improve an area along Ridge Road that has suffered land slides in the past.

The total project, which will include relocation of a mobile home and other costs, is estimated at about $200,000.