Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic seeks volunteers with medical experience

Nov. 08, 2013 @ 11:30 PM

Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic is in need of volunteers with medical experience or training. The clinic is the only health care ministry in Sevier County to exclusively treat the uninsured, offering primary medical care, limited dental care and help for patients applying for pharmaceutical assistance.

Director of Fund Development Ashley Justice said that because the clinic has a small paid staff, and roughly 19,000 patients of record, volunteers are what keep the clinic running.

"Our volunteers are very helpful," Justice said. "A lot of people don't realize the huge effect that volunteering has. We're really, really grateful for everything they do."

Currently, the clinic has approximately 30 regular volunteers. Volunteers can contribute time based on their schedules, and can fit in a variety of positions.

"(Volunteers) do a little bit of everything," Justice said. "We try to capitalize on their talents for the time they give us."

Although the need at the moment is for volunteers who have medical experience or training, Justice said the clinic is always happy to find a place for any willing volunteer to contribute.

"Right now we're specifically seeking people with medical experience," Justice said. "If someone wants to volunteer, but doesn't have medical experience, there might still be a number of ways they can help out."

Justice said she enjoys meeting prospective volunteers and trying to find the perfect place they fit within the clinic.

"I love to get people in and talk to them, see what they love and see what they're good at," Justice said. "There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer here."

Anyone with medical experience who is interested in volunteering should contact Ashley Justice at or 865-774-7684. Additional information and sign-up applications for those without medical experience, but still interested in volunteering, can be found on the clinic's website at