Leaders of pro, anti liquor factions voted as property owners, not residents

List of all property owners who voted in referendum published
Dec. 22, 2012 @ 04:25 PM

The list of confirmed property owners who voted in the city’s liquor-by-the-drink referendum includes chairmen from both the pro- and anti-liquor groups, as well as a number of local officials and prominent business people.

Jess Davis, chairman of anti-liquor group Concerned Churches and Citizens of Pigeon Forge, voted in the referendum, and so did Ken Maples, chairman of pro liquor group Forging Ahead. Property owners who voted in the referendum are not residents of the city, but were allowed to vote because they own property in Pigeon Forge.

Forging Ahead is the organization formed this year to campaign for votes in favor of the sale of liquor by the drink when it appeared on the Nov. 6 ballot. Concerned Churches and Citizens was created last year to campaign against the referendum when it appeared on the ballot in 2011 and continued its effort when the measure was placed on the ballot again this year.

The city allows property owners to vote in municipal elections if they don’t reside within the city, but the contest of election filed in Chancery Court does raise issues about some of the votes cast by purported property owners. The list of such property owners who voted in the referendum was provided by the Election Commission to The Mountain Press at the newspaper’s request.

Maples, a former president of the Pigeon Forge Hospitality Association, owns a Comfort Inn and Quality Inn in Pigeon Forge. Tim Kellar, who serves as co-chair, lives in Pigeon Forge and owns a business in the city and voted in the election as a resident.

Maples indicated he has been voting as a nonresident for years.

“I very much support the right for property owners to vote in Pigeon Forge as they collect, remit and pay taxes just as Pigeon Forge residents do and therefore deserve a voice in Pigeon Forge elections/referendums and government. Otherwise, you would have taxation without representation for these property owners. Over 250 Pigeon Forge property owners are registered to vote in Pigeon Forge so I am one of many that vote as a property rights voter,” he said.

Jess Davis, owner of the Biblical Times Theater (formerly Tennessee Shindig) and the Wood Grill Buffet, was elected as chairman of Concerned Churches and Citizens after the election. The chairmen previously had been pastors of area churches; those pastors stepped down as chairmen at the same meeting when the group voted to file the contest of the election.

Charles Rhodes, who was appointed co-chairman at the same time as Davis, has said he lives outside Pigeon Forge but works at a business in the city. Rhodes was the member of CCCPF who first brought to light that about 300 votes appeared to have been cast by people who were not confirmed residents or property owners in the city.

Davis declined to comment for this story, other than to reiterate that, while the pastors who previously served as chairmen of CCCPF stepped down from that position, they remain involved in the organization.

“So it is clear, our pastors are in absolute full support in this legal challenge and are being updated at least twice a week of what is going on,” he said.

Because it involves mostly people who own property in the city but don’t live inside the corporate limits, the list naturally includes a number of local business people, including Darby Campbell and Robert McManus, the business partners who bought the property being developed as The Island (formerly Belle Island) and own some restaurants that have already started serving liquor. Also on the list is Sid Blalock of Blalock and Sons, a partner in The Island.

Additional officials who voted as property owners in the election but don’t live in the city include Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Gary Wade, Sevier County Director of Schools Jack Parton, County Trustee Jettie Clabo, Sevier County Road Superintendent Jonas Smelcer, Pigeon Forge Tourism Director Leon Downey and Sevierville Alderman Travis McCroskey.

Pigeon Forge property owners, but nonresidents, who voted in the Nov. 6 liquor referendum:

Kaley B. Abernathy

Juva D. Arunthamakun

Sukit S. Arunthamakun

Charles E. Atchley

Linda W. Atchley

Allen W. Ayers

Eugene J. Baska

Judith H. Balkcom

Connie D. Ball

Raymond R. Ball

Bob A. Barker

Ronnie M. Barker

Joseph L. Barnes

Robert A. Barnes

Terra B. Beheeler

Danny S. Blalock

Douglas Blalock

James A. Blalock

James D. Blalock

Jessica M. Blalock

Jonelda W. Blalock

Julie K. Blalock

Katalin S. Blalock

Kevin N. Blalock

Kim P. Blalock

Laura Blalock

Lori L. Blalock

Sidney A. Blalock

W. Jo Blalock

Wesley A. Blalock

Albert B. Blanton Jr.

Chris A. Blanton

Leslie A. Blanton

Mary N. Blanton

Barbara J. Bohanan

Roy E. Bohanan

James Bookstaff

Gene E. Brackins

Kathy O Brackins

Carol J. Bryant

David W. Bryant

Amy Campbell

Darby Alan Campbell

Darby Ryan Camptbell

Jessica E. Campbell

John E. Campbell III

Betty S. Carr

Brian L. Carroll

Candra Shular Carroll

Clara C. Carroll

William Y. Carroll

William Y. Carroll Jr.

John B. Chapman

Jettie B. Clabo

Steven E. Clabo

Freeman Clabough Jr.

Patricia W. Clabough

Mary K. Coe

Phillip Don Collier

James S. Conner

Johnny Jess Davis

Linda D. Davis

Paul Robert Delahunt

Ralph Max Denton Jr.

Leon C. Downey

Georgia B. Duncan

Laurie Blanton Faulkner

Rodney Craig Faulkner

Larry D. Fox

Magdalene E. Fox

Helen Frost

James A. Gerding

June L. Gerding

Jonathan Barker Givens

Scott B. Hensley

Diana J. Herrick

Wesley F. Herrick

Patricia F. Holt

Thomas Richard Horne

Glenda S. Huff

John R. Huff

John Alan Joslyn

Mary Louise Kellogg Joslyn

Kurt H. Jurgens

Gwen J. Kear

Darrell L. Keene

Tonya M. Keener

Tracy M. Kihlberg

Clell M. King

Michael D. King

Nancy L. King

Curt Stephen Krebs

Eric M. Lambert

Jessica A. Lambert

Charles Edward Laney

Rosemary Laney

Stephen M. Leo

Tammy R. Leo

Linda J. Lewis

James H. Lord

Marilyn B. Loveday

William E. Loveday

Bill D. Maples

Daniel J. Maples

David L. Maples

Dennis W. Maples

Ken L. Maples

Kendall B. Maples

Mary H. Maples

Tammy E. Maples

Wendy D. Maples

Thomas F. Marsh

Elizabeth A. Martin

Betty L. May

Frederick N. McCarter

John N. McClure

Johnnie F. McClure

Cynthia L. McCroskey

Michael Arthur McCroskey

Travis L. McCroskey

Charles B. McDaniel Jr.

Lewis W. McMahan

Holly H. McManus

Robert T. McManus

Thomas C. McManus

Jack L. Miller

Howard E. Murrell

Wilma Darlene Murrell

Alfred Newman

Carl E. Newman

Gregory F. Norvell

Betty M. Ogle

Cindy C. Ogle

David A. Ogle

James D. Ogle

Larry S. Ogle

Michael L. Ogle

Ronald W. Ogle

Coy W. Parton

David E. Parton

Jack A. Parton

Kathy Parton

Linda S. Parton

Tamara Parton

Edward Shane Patterson

Everette Reagan

Gail L. Reagan

Howard W. Reagan

Marica M. Reagan

Odell E. Reagan

Todd P. Redd

Donna M. Smelcer

Jonas A. Smelcer

Michael E. Smelcer

Teresa A. Smelcer

Charles Robert Smith Jr.

Mark T. Smith

Sharon K. Tarwater

Doyle Trentham

Marilyn Trotter

Gary R. Wade

Oris Lee Waters Jr.

Don F. Watson

Jimmy L. Whaley Sr.

Roger M. Whaley

Freda K. Wilson

Jack D. Wilson

Chad B. Woodroof

Tara S. Woodroof

Lanning P. Wynn

Rebecca B. Wynn