Three injured in street sweeper accident

May. 20, 2014 @ 05:44 PM

Dust apparently kicked up by a city street sweeper led to a three-car collision on Veterans Boulevard Monday that left one woman in serious condition.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Ryan Stoffle said the street sweeper was in the right lane, heading toward Sevierville, when it came upon dust in the road at a construction site.

“He’d kicked up just a big, huge dust cloud,” Stoffle said. “(The other two drivers) might not have been able to see the sweeper truck.”

A pickup truck going in the same direction passed into the cloud and struck the street sweeper in the rear; the truck was rear-ended by a car following behind it.

Jannalyn Harmon, a passenger in the pickup, was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center and is in serious condition. Jeremiah Harmon, the driver of the pickup, suffered less serious injuries, Stoffle said.

Richard Quilliams, driver of the street sweeper, and Patsy Kincer, who was in the third car, were also treated for minor injuries.

Stoffle said he didn’t anticipate filing charges in connection with the wreck.