Private roads approved for Pigeon Forge resort

Action meant to reduce criminal activity
May. 29, 2013 @ 11:14 PM

At its meeting Tuesday, the city's Regional Planning Commission approved a request to maintain the roads in Starr Crest Resort on Upper Middle Creek Road as private, not public.

Starr Crest representative Charles Sexton said a significant amount of criminal activity had been taking place in the resort area as a result of many of the owners being absent investors.

"Much of that (criminal activity) has been stopped, but because of the freedom of access and the lack of year-round owners there, it's a haven for folks to come in and take advantage of that," Sexton said. "... So we'd like to maintain those roads as private roads."

Community Development Director David Taylor noted that the city does not allow subdivision on private easements, but Sexton said the property functions as a planned unit development.

Taylor also wanted to make sure there was adequate utility resources for the development. A water nearby water tank actually serves the development, and the line is owned by the city, so the county's changes to its water utilities will not affect the property.

Taylor recommended approval as long as the city has access to the development.

The planning commission also approved:

  • Special events
  • Final minor re-subdivision of Covered Bridge Resorts Clubhouse, Mountain Lodge and Summit View Ways (off Old Valley Road)
  • Rezoning of approximately 1.23 acres in Flanagan Addition Subdivision (Lots 49 & 50) on Two View Road, (Tax Map 94F, Group G, Parcels 8.00 & 9.00), C-6 (Mixed Use Commercial) to C-1 (General Commercial)