Pigeon Forge commission to discuss LeConte Center concessions agreement

Just one proposal submitted in response to request
May. 27, 2013 @ 11:47 PM

At its meeting Tuesday evening, the Pigeon Forge City Commission will consider a concessionaire contract with Bullfish Grill to provide concession services at the LeConte Center.

Assistant City Manager Eric Brackins said the city solicited proposals from several entities, but Bullfish was the only one that made an offer.

"We had some criteria that we established, one being we wanted the caterer to be in Pigeon Forge, so we were ensuring folks in Pigeon Forge had an opportunity to get a benefit out of the center," Brackins said. "We got only one proposal, and that was from Bullfish, so the commission will be looking to award them the contract."

The city solicited proposals from other local entities, but Brackins doesn't know why no one else made an offer.

"I don't know why no one else offered proposals. We asked and solicited proposals, we ran an RFP (request for proposal) in the paper and actually called folks in Pigeon Forge," Brackins said. "We thought we would get more interest in it."

If Bullfish is awarded the contract, it will share a percentage of its revenues with the city. Brackins said the specifics of the contract are still being worked out, and its approval may need to wait.

"Some other issues have come up with it relating to attorneys or banks wanting more information. We may have to wait until June on it," Brackins said. "Just yesterday, (City Attorney) Jim Gass was talking with the restaurant's attorney, who said there may be language that needed to be added, and their bank was requesting more information."

Bullfish Grill is operated by Diverse Concepts, the group owned by Darby Campbell and Bob McManus, who are also responsible for the adjacent Island development.

The commission will meet Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall. The meeting was rescheduled from Monday due to Memorial Day. The commission will also consider:

  • A franchise agreement with Sevier County Utility District for the distribution of gas within the corporate limits of Pigeon Forge
  • An agreement with TDOT for street maintenance of the State Right-of-Way for FY 2013-2014
  • The donation of an F250 pickup truck to Sevier Solid Waste Inc.
  • A bid to purchase single height mobile tables from Shiffler Equipment Company for the LeConte Center
  • A bid to purchase round top mobile tables from Shiffler Equipment Company for the LeConte Center
  • A bid to purchase round adjustable height mobile tables from Shiffler Equipment Company for the LeConte Center
  • The donation of a super tanker, fire hose and storage rack for air bottles from the fire department to the Sevier County Fire Chiefs Association

Fifteen minutes prior to the start of the meeting, Commissioners Joyce Brackins, Kevin McClure and Jay Ogle will be sworn in.