Sevierville approves resale of water meters

May. 22, 2013 @ 11:35 PM

At its meeting Monday night, the city's Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the resale of several thousand water meters because the brass-and-copper meters contain lead.

The city will sell over 4,300 inventoried water meters, at a rate of $90 per meter, back to HD Supply Waterworks, the company that originally sold the meters to the city five years ago. The city paid $148 per meter.

"We bought these meters several years ago when we were really booming," said Steve Flynn, director of the city's water and sewer department. "These are hard to get and we had a chance to get a bunch of them. ... We had the money in the budget. We'd be in good shape if it weren't for this change."

New Environmental Protection Agency regulations require that by Jan. 4, 2014, all waterworks brass must meet the new "low-lead" requirements, even if the brass is just sitting in inventory.

"This was all brought about by the EPA and they did it very quickly," Flynn said. "Nobody was aware that it was going to happen."

Flynn believes selling back the meters at a reduced price will at least save the city some money.

"As of January, we couldn't do anything with them anyway," Flynn said. "They'd just be junk. We'd have to sell them as scrap."

The commission also approved:

  • The second and third reading of the ordinance to rezone property on Snyder Road
  • The second reading of the ordinances to add a restaurant privilege tax and an amusement tax
  • The second reading of the ordinance to decrease the lodging tax from 3 percent to 2 percent
  • The first reading of an ordinance appropriating funds for the various departments, capital projects and Public Building Authority of Sevierville for the fiscal period July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, approving fee schedules and pay plan, and establishing a property tax rate for tax year 2013
  • Annual TDOT Maintenance Contract
  • Novation Agreement transferring contracts from Jordan, Jones, and Goulding, Inc., to Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
  • Expenses in excess of $5,000 for Land Air Total Communications in the amount of $6,971.49 and MES-Carolina, Athletic House, Galls, Absolute Embroidery in the amount of $3,463.75

Also, new commissioners Robbie Fox and Jim McGill were sworn in at the beginning of Monday's meeting. They were sworn in by Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Gary Wade, who served as mayor of Sevierville from 1977-'87.