Sevier County Right to Life hosts picnic

Jun. 24, 2013 @ 11:50 PM

Sevier County Right to Life held a family picnic at Sevierville City Park on Saturday.

Guest speakers were Michael Maddron and Jamie Roberts from the Sevierville Police Department, who were invited to speak about home and personal safety.

"We just wanted to have a picnic to celebrate life," said Eileen Widmer, treasurer of Right to Life and event chairperson for the picnic. "We're here, and we're blessed to be here. We just came out to enjoy life and our families."

Member Terry Aparicio, who has been involved with the organization for nine years, said, "Our goal is to educate the community in truth and love about the sanctity of human life."

Aparicio noted that one of her primary concerns is the messages being sent to today's youth. "We are living in a culture where there is no respect for life, and the morning after pill that is available at pharmacies without a prescription just makes it worse," she said. "It's an easy way out. We're not teaching our youth responsibility."

Right to Life is a nondenominational organization that embraces members from all backgrounds. "If you are a Christian believer, and you believe God created life, only he should be able to take it back," said Right to Life President Ursula Beckmann. "It's not for a human to take back by any means, whether it's birth control or abortion."

One of the goals of Right to Life is to educate the public about alternative options to abortion. "Life is a perfect gift," Beckmann said. "For every baby that is aborted, there are probably at least 10 couples who would want that baby."

Aparicio said the organization strives to put action behind its words. "Late-term abortion is murder," she said. "If one teenager takes a brochure, and one life is saved, that is our work by the hand of God."