Forge commission to consider annexing park land

Jan. 13, 2013 @ 11:33 PM

When the City Commission meets Monday, it will vote on an ordinance annexing land occupied by Wear Farm City Park, which is currently under construction.

The park, which faces Wears Valley Road, sits on 118 acres.

"The front 40 acres is in the city limits, and the remaining 76 is what needs to be annexed," said assistant city administrator Eric Brackins. "Since we own it, we feel it's important to have it all within the city limits."

The ordinance will have its first reading on Monday. Also on the agenda is a resolution calling for a public hearing about the annexation. The hearing would be held before the ordinance's second reading.

The $7.8 million park is scheduled to open in March.

In other business, the commission will consider:

n Purchasing computers for the Police Department

n Approving dditional services for the greenway in the amount of $19,500

n Approving the purchase of a garage door for the Building Maintenance Department

n Retroactively approving the purchase of turbidimeters for the water plant

n Accepting a FEMA grant to hire three additional firefighters

n Donating surplus air bottles to the English Mountain Volunteer Fire Department and the Kingston Fire Department

n Replacing a vacuum truck debris tank for the wastewater plant

n Purchasing historic markers