Early release not recommended

Three charged in shootout deaths could serve full sentences
Jan. 14, 2013 @ 12:47 AM

A trio of Kentucky men who were convicted of killing two local men in a gun battle after a drug deal gone wrong had their first appearance before a parole officer Friday. If the state parole board takes the officer’s recommendation, it will be the trio’s last shot at early release.

Jacob Sharp, Matthew Oakes and Marcus Shaney, all of Somerset, Ky., are serving three-year sentences after pleading guilty in June 2012, to two counts each of reckless homicide. They admitted to being involved in a shootout that left Brandon Breitweiser and Brandon Lindsey dead.

The three said they came to a Murrell Meadows apartment in February 2011, to complete a drug deal with Breitweiser, Lindsey and a third man, Ronnie McClure. However, they maintained that when they arrived at the apartment Breitweiser, Lindsey and McClure attacked them and tried to drag Sharp, who was holding the money, into the apartment. Oakes and Shaney said the gun fight started when they tried to rescue their friend. McClure pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault and is serving 12 years in prison on those charges, as well as an unrelated drug offense.

The district attorney’s office indicated a Sevier County grand jury would not agree to indict the trio on more serious charges.

Sharp, Oakes and Shaney each had a hearing before a state parole officer at the Sevier County Jail Friday, according to Melissa McDonald, spokesperson for the Tennessee Board of Parole.

The officer recommended that the parole board deny them parole for the remainder of their sentence, meaning they would not be eligible for another hearing.

The board usually takes two to three weeks to make a final decision, McDonald said.