The Mountain Press website available only to subscribers May 13

Apr. 26, 2014 @ 11:42 PM

The Mountain Press website,, as well as the newspaper’s electronic edition, will be available to print subscribers only beginning Tuesday, May 13.

As an effort to better serve paid subscribers, more stories will be made available in a more timely manner on the site to those who have paid for an annual subscription to the newspaper.  The daily e-edition will continue to be available to those subscribers as well at no additional cost.

“By putting all our local stories behind a paywall, we will be able to provide subscribers stories as soon as the reporters are finished with them,” Jana Thomasson, The Mountain Press publisher, said.

Beginning this Tuesday, the site will require registration to view content. Registered users will have free access to the site for the two weeks prior to May 13.

After that, only subscribers of the newspaper’s print will have continued free access.

“With the changing landscape of the newspaper business, we’re aware more people want their information in a timely manner,” said Jason Davis, the newspaper’s editor.

“With that being said, giving away our product to everyone isn’t fair to our loyal subscribers, and it hurts our business.”

“The business model just does not exist for putting the local news we gather on the Internet for free,” Thomasson added.

“With this upcoming change, those readers who support our business and the local community by subscribing will be afforded more complete and up-to-date content on our site, mirroring more closely what’s in the current day’s print product,” Davis said.