PBA transfers golf course, convention center to Sevierville

Jun. 11, 2013 @ 11:23 PM

In what one city official describes as a "natural evolution," the Sevierville Public Building Authority approved an item at its Monday meeting to transfer all its convention center and golf course assets and obligations to the city of Sevierville, terminating the lease and management agreement for those entities, and assigning any contract rights.

"This has been under discussion for some time," City Administrator Russell Treadway said.

Essentially, Treadway said, the city will own and operate the convention center and the golf course.

"This is really a natural evolution of what began here with the creation of the convention center and the golf course," Treadway said. "The PBA has accomplished the initial mission to build the convention center and golf course, develop those and get them up and running."

After transferring ownership of the two entities to the city, the PBA will now focus on development in the city's Central Business Improvement District.

"We're seeing an upturn in the economy, getting a lot more interest from potential developers, bringing fairly significantly sized projects to the city, so we do anticipate the PBA to become involved in those, focusing on economic development," Treadway said.

The PBA will meet at the Sevierivlle Golf Club on the second Monday of next month, as scheduled. During that meeting, the board will decide how it wants to proceed with its meetings, which usually focused on convention center and golf course operations.

"The meetings will now focus on economic development opportunities for the CBID, so it's going to be different," said Bob Stahlke, the city's public information officer.

The action will now be presented to the city's Board of Mayor and Aldermen for discussion at its next meeting, June 17.

The PBA also approved:

n A contract to Ovations Food Services for food and beverage management and services at the convention center

n Bid specifications presented by Custom Craftsman Signs for Highway 66 Signage project

n The purchase of golf course equipment recently being leased with PNC Equipment Finance Co. with approximate value of $67,930

n A lease agreement for a 62-month period, 56 pmts at $4,348.61 per month for golf course equipment

n Operating Budget for FYE June 30, 2014

n The transfer of three vehicles from the PBA to the city

n Expenses in excess of $5,000, including parking garage ballasts and bulbs for $9,839.49 and polyurea joint filler from Sherwin Williams for $9,056