Pigeon Forge to consider signage restriction changes

Current rules reflect a development that didn't materialize
Apr. 01, 2013 @ 11:52 PM

City commissioners will meet Tuesday to discuss changes to the C-5 (Amusement Commercial) District, specifically concerning signage in the area on the north end of town along the Parkway.

Community Development Director David Taylor said there have been issues with business owners acquiring sign permits in that area, which was rezoned to C-5 a few years ago when there were plans for a large development to move in. The project's developers requested the rezoning, which would allow for a 500-square-foot sign grouping the names of the businesses in the zone.

That project never materialized, "so we're trying to go back to the way the ordinance used to be," Taylor said. The previous ordinance allowed for individual signs for each business in the zone.

"We have business owners moving back into businesses they used to have there, and they were having trouble getting sign permits for individual signs because the C-5 district prohibits it," Taylor said. "We're eliminating the 500-square-foot district signs and going back to allowing them to get individual signs for each business."

Memories Theatre is one of the new businesses that has moved back into the zone. Taylor said another theater will move into an adjacent property soon.

The businesses that existed in the zone before the C-5 rezoning, like the Titanic Museum Attraction and Tony Roma's, will not have to change their signage.

Taylor said the changes will also affect perimeter setbacks of new businesses. New property in that zone will now only have to be 15 feet off the right-of-way, instead of 50 feet.

This change also results from the large development falling through.

"With that big development we thought those lots would be combined, but since they're not, the 50-foot setback really makes some property useless, so what we're trying to do is make it conform to other areas along the Parkway," Taylor said.

Signage in this zone will have to be at least 5 feet off the Parkway.

The commissioners will also review and discuss:

  • Abandoning a city street, Tammy King Boulevard
  • A request from Premier Media to relocate a billboard from 1478 Wears Valley Road to 2015 Parkway, Easy Stop Gas Station