Kodak man faces 40-year term for child rape

Mar. 20, 2013 @ 06:02 PM

A Kodak man now faces a 40-year sentence for aggravated rape of a child after pleading guilty to the crime in Circuit Court late Tuesday.

The trial of Ivor John Parsons, 23, of 3730 Pollard Cemetery Road, was set to start this week but attorneys announced he was set to enter the guilty plea Tuesday evening.

Parsons didn’t have any prior convictions, but because of the nature of his crime state law calls for him to serve his time as a Range III offender, which increased his sentencing range considerably. While under normal circumstances he might be eligible for release after serving part of that sentence, prosecutor George Ioannides said he will have to serve most of the 40-year sentence under state guidelines; he was sentenced to serve 100 percent but could still be eligible to eliminate a small percentage based on his behavior while in prison.

“I am pleased that the Tennessee Legislatuire saw fit to increase the penalties for this type of horrible crime that was committed against a very young victim,” District Attorney General Jimmy Dunn added.

Parsons was arrested in September 2010 for the February 2010 rape of a toddler.

Motions for the case had been rescheduled a number of times in part due to changes in the defense attorneys representing Parsons, officials said.

Seviervile Police Detectives Ray Brown and Kevin Bush and Lt. Sam Hinson investigated the case along with the TBI, the Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center and other agencies, Dunn said.