Long lines, civil crowds at Sevierville's Tanger Outlets on Black Friday

Nov. 30, 2013 @ 11:35 PM

Black Friday is notorious for crazed shoppers fighting over an item on sale in a store, but according to several visitors at the Tanger Outlets mall in Sevierville, the day after Thanksgiving at this particular shopping center was relatively tame.

Chris Creceman was standing outside, in front of a store, all day, he said, and he did not witness any sort of problems among the customers flocking to the mall.

"It's been all good," Creceman said. "We haven't had one real problem so far. Everyone has been well behaved."

Tina Fry sat with her husband Wayne on a bench and said that the Black Friday shoppers they have seen here while visiting Sevier County are not much different from what they're accustomed to in their home in West Virginia.

"It might be a little more crowded," Fry said. "We don't really get into it as much as we used to, though. We used to be really into it, but now we like to just sit back and kind of watch everything."

Her husband added, "Now we just like to watch other people fight."

Chase Young said he and his fiancée also visit the area for Thanksgiving weekend, and they like to get some Christmas shopping out of the way on Black Friday. Young said he was shopping for gifts for male family members, while his fiancée was in a store on the other side of the mall shopping for the female members of the clan.

"There was a long line, so we split up," Young said. "It's not too bad. Everybody is trying to do the same thing we are, just in a hurry to get their shopping done."

Still, he added, "everybody is really nice and friendly out here."

Lura McCrary said that although she enjoys shopping on Black Friday, she doesn't take it too far. "I'm not beating down the doors," she said. "I just like the opportunity to get out there and start getting things I need for my wardrobe and the items I need for Christmas."

She noted that many people can let the situation get out of hand. "I know the stores need it, but I think it's crazy," McCrary said. "I don't actually think that people are really crazy, but I do think that they're putting their lives at risk sometimes in these crowds."