Petitions in for Sevier County elections

Feb. 21, 2014 @ 11:09 PM

County Commission will have at least five new faces after the upcoming elections, as five commissioners opted not to seek re-election.

The deadline for candidates to return petitions to run in the county-wide elections was Thursday. The party primaries and the nonpartisan election for the county school board are set for May 6, while the general election is set for Aug. 7.

Candidates who returned petitions have until next Thursday to withdraw. In the meantime, Election Commission personnel must review the petitions to make sure each has the minimum number of signatures from registered voters in the proper districts. The election commission will meet March 4 to certify the petitions, meaning the candidates will be set to be on the ballots.

Some familiar names won’t be returning to county commission.

Jimmie Temple, who has represented the Sevierville area in the Fifth District for decades, is retiring due to health concerns.

Tony Proffitt, who represents the Third District, has also had health concerns and did not return a petition.

Judy Godfrey is stepping down in District 9, but her son, Chuck Godfrey III, is running for that seat. Commissioner Tim Hurst isn’t running for his seat in the Seventh District because he is running for sheriff against incumbent Ron Seals in the Republican primary.

Marty Loveday is stepping down in the Fourth District because his wife, Cyndi Barnes Loveday, is running for register of deeds; incumbent Sherry Robertson Huskey decided not to seek re-election.

Loveday has the only empty seat where only one newcomer returned a petition; Keith Whaley is running unopposed for that seat.

No candidates from the Democratic party returned petitions to run in the primary, meaning most races will be decided during the Republican primary.

A handful of candidates registered as independents, meaning they will face the winners of the primary races in the general election.

County Mayor Larry Waters is unopposed in the primary, for example, but will face independent candidates Kim Pierce and Emory Doyle Valentine in the general election.

In District 10, Seat B, County Commissioner Jim Keener is unopposed in the primary but will face Rod Cowan in the general election. And in District 8, Seat B, Mike Hillard and Andy Moore will face each other in the primary, and the winner will then vie with Leroy Maples in the general election.

Incumbents Ben Clabo, Tommy Watts, Bill Oakes, Harold Pitner, Gene Byrd and Mike Hillard are all facing challengers in the Republican primary.

Circuit Court Judge Dick Vance will also face opposition; Jefferson County attorney Scott Justice returned a petition to run against him in the primary.

General Sessions Court Clerk Connie Holt and Sheriff Ron Seals are the only other countywide officeholders facing primary opponents.

The Sevier County Board of Education holds a nonpartisan election on the same day as the primaries for the other county races. Mike Oakley, Mark Strange and Becky Williams Barnes are all running unopposed.

The following is a list of candidates who returned petitions for each election:

Republican primary

County Mayor — Larry Waters

County Trustee — Jettie Clabo

Sheriff — Ron Seals, Tim Hurst

County Clerk — Karen Cotter

Circuit Court Clerk — Rita Ellison

General Sessions Court Clerk — Connie Holt, Jody Milks-West

Register of Deeds — Cyndi Barnes Loveday

Road Superintendent — Jonas Smelcer

General Sessions Judge Division I — Jeff Rader

General Sessions Judge Division II — Dwight Stokes

Circuit Court Judge Part I, Distrcit 4 — Ben Hooper

Circuit Court Judge Part II, District 4 — Richard “Dick” Vance, Scott Justice

Circuit Court Judge Part III, District 4 — Rex Henry Ogle

Circuit Court Judge Part IV, District 4 — Duane Slone

District Attorney General District 4 — James Bruce “Jimmy” Dunn

Chancellor, District 4 and 5 — Telford Forgety

Public Defender, District 4 — Ed Miller

County Commission

District 1, Seat A — Warren Hurst

District 1, Seat B — Tommy Ray Watts, Gerald V. Rhea

District 2, Seat A — Ben Clabo, Darrell Huskey

District 2, Seat B — Phil King

District 3, Seat A — Randy Williams

District 3, Seat B — Mike Chambers, Timothy J. Wallace

District 4, Seat A —Ronnie Whaley

District 4, Seat B — Caroll Rauhuff

District 4, Seat C — Keith Whaley

District 5, Seat A — Michael Maddron, Ed White

District 5, Seat B —Fred A. Atchley

District 5, Seat C — James Frank Parton

District 6, Seat A — Bill Oakes, Gregg Haggard

District 6, Seat B — John Harold Pitner, Chris Clepper

District 7, Seat A — Ronnie W. Allen

District 7, Seat B — Mary Davis, William Bill Pless Ehterton

District 8, Seat A — Gene Byrd, Dale Payne

District 8, Seat B — Mike Hillard, Andy Moore

District 8, Seat C — Kent Woods

District 9, Seat A — David “Buster” Norton

District 9, Seat B — Chuck Godfrey III, Brian Gamble, John Rulpaugh

District 10, Seat A — Bryan Delius

District 10, Seat B — Jim Keener

District 11, Seat A —Gary Cole

District 11, Seat B —Ray I. (Crow) Ogle


District 1, Seat B — Jimmy Maples

District 1, Seat B — Ronnie Sutton, Keith Brackins

District 2, Seat A — Penny Campbell, Clayton Shipley, Chtistopher Conley

District 2, Seat B — Sam Ayers

District 3, Seat A — David Huffaker, Gerald Jackson

District 3, Seat B — Sammy Scott

District 4, Seat A — Jack L. Galyon

District 4, Seat B — Roger T. Floyd

District 5, Seat A — George W. Lawson, Donald Allen Stoltz and Richard F. McMahan

District 5, Seat B — William D. (Billy) Seagle


School Board

District 1 — Mike Oakley

District 3 — Mark Strange

District 5 — Becky William Barnes

Independent Candidates

County Mayor — Kim Pierce, Emory Doyle Valentine

County Commission District 10, Seat B — Rod L. Cowan

County Commission District 8, Seat B — Leroy Maples