Robert Young resigns from Forge planning commission

Feb. 12, 2014 @ 06:45 PM

After serving on the Pigeon Forge Planning Commission for more than 25 years, Robert "Bob" Young resigned from his position last week.

"I've been on the planning commission a long time," Young said. "The planning commission has its full body right now, and I thought that it would be a good time to give someone else a chance."

Young said he is pleased with his decades of service to the city, but he believes it is time to move on.

"It's been a real enjoyable process," he said. "I helped the city all I could, helped a lot of people too. I think my job has been well accomplished."

Young said he does not know what his future holds. "I have a business, so I will continue with my business," he noted.

Planning Commission Chairman Bill Bradley said working with Young was a great experience.

"He was kind of our elder statesman," Bradley said. "Bob's a super guy to work with, especially on the commission. I knew Bob as a business owner in Pigeon Forge before I was on the commission, and I've never heard anything bad about him. He's always been an upstanding guy in business as well as in his personal life."

Bradley added, "I can tell you this: He sure will be missed on the commission."

Jay Ogle also worked with Young on the planning commission. Ogle has served on the commission for six years, and he called Young's record of public service inspiring.

"He brought his very valuable business experience," Ogle said. "He always treats everyone with respect, and he's always careful to make wise and impartial decisions."

Young had a vision for Pigeon Forge, said Community Development Director David Taylor: "He really cared about Pigeon Forge and the direction the city was going."

The timetable for replacing Young is not known; that decision will be made by the city commission.

Young said he had a few words of advice for the next planning commissioner.

"Be sure to keep an open mind and listen intently, because it's real important to the issues when they're brought up, or the person or whoever brings the situation up," he said. "Keep an open mind and really keep an intent spirit about it."