Teen charged in assault

Nov. 21, 2012 @ 12:29 AM

Police chief Jack Baldwin said his officers charged a juvenile with aggravated assault Friday after an alleged attack Thursday in the river area behind the Pigeon Forge waste plant left another juvenile with injuries.

Baldwin said the juvenile was charged Friday morning, although an officer who talked to The Mountain Press Friday indicated they had not yet filed charges but were still investigating.

While there were reports that more than one person attacked the injured juvenile, Baldwin said their investigation indicated only one was involved in the assault.

“Only one was charged,” he said.

Baldwin said other juveniles at the scene told officers that when they first saw the fight break out, they thought the two were rough-housing. “They thought they were playing and when they turned around the other kid had gone to beating on him again.”

The juvenile was arrested shortly after midnight Friday and charged with aggravated assault, Baldwin said.

He was not in custody at the Sevier County Juvenile Detention Center Monday; Director Steve Layman said everyone who had been held at the center last week had been released.