Rescue dog with lost leg adopted by Pigeon Forge woman

Jan. 11, 2013 @ 11:45 PM

A rescue dog known as “Amazing Greyson” has been adopted by a Pigeon Forge businesswoman.

The dog became an Internet sensation after it was brutally attacked on Oct. 21 in Fort Worth, Texas by his former neighbor’s dog. The attack severed the dog’s leg at the shoulder.

The Fort Worth Animal Shelter found the 12-week-old pup with its front leg in the yard of the neighbor’s home. Danielle Marni Stewart of Apollo Support & Rescue, a no-kill shelter in Fort Worth, stabilized the dog and cleaned him up before amputation.

The dog’s story became Internet news along with the horrific picture that was taken of him before treatment.

The photo had a huge impact on Raines, who had just lost Abby, her beloved pit bull of almost 13 years to cancer.

“I don’t know how to explain this,” Rhonda Marsh Raines, owner of Southern Draw Skin Art Studio in Pigeon Forge, recalled after seeing the photo of Greyson. “There was this overwhelming feeling like I was supposed to do something here, but I had no idea what that was. I was reeling from grief with losing Abby, and yet I could not get my mind off of the picture I had seen on the news of this other pit bull pup who had endured such a tragedy such as this.”

After praying about it, she awoke the next morning and learned a support Facebook page had been started for the injured dog, which had been placed in a foster home for recovery.

Raines followed Greyson’s Facebook page. She began talking to Cat Dennis, Greyson’s foster mom, and to Stewart, owner of the Fort Worth shelter, offering help. Raines started a fundraiser at her studio.

Raines knew that Apollo Support & Rescue had not let anyone outside Texas adopt rescues, but Raines filled out an adoption application anyway. Dr. David Ratliff of Mountain Home vet cinic in Sevierville wrote a letter recommending Raines for the adoption of Greyson.

Six weeks later, Cat Dennis informed Raines they had chosen her to adopt Greyson and that planned to deliver the dog to Tennessee.

Raines hopes to use Greyson to teach local children about the effects of bullying as well as taking him to Children’s Hospital.

“Greyson is meant to be shared with the world,” Raines said.“I will always use him to help others and to glorify God as he is meant to. Greyson’s story is a true display of God’s mercy, grace and goodness.”

Raines keeps Greyson’s Facebook page updated and relates his new adventures with his Facebook fans and followers. Raines is is hoping Ellen DeGeneres might do a show on his story. “

Greyson also has his own video on YouTube under “Amazing Greyson” in which there are pictures. To like his Facebook Page go to